My name is Taylor Moffett and I have been attending WCC since Kindergarten.

What I like most about attending WCC is that I like the community atmosphere. I’ve made great friends and have always felt like more than a name on the roster. You know everybody at WCC -and I’m really grateful for the students I sit by in each class and the teachers I’ve had.

I’ve loved the majority of my classes, but my favorites are the Ag and sciences. I’ve loved being in plant science especially.

I plan to attend Arkansas Tech and major in Ag Business. I’m not sure which career I’ll take, but I enjoy leading and imagine I will follow in that direction. No matter what I do, I plan to find joy, be in the outdoors, and be an encourager.

The most valuable thing I have learned while attending WCC - I enjoy the mundane things - and I find joy in everything. School is not all about your education (lol). In fact, most of it is figuring out about yourself, how you interact with people, circumstances, and ways to best stimulate yourself. I have found that enjoying every moment and allowing it to teach me is the most valuable thing I’ve learned.

I will always remember .....Gosh, so many come to mind! I'm going to have to list a few ....

  • Starring as Jojo in the Seussical. That was just so fun! Working alongside older kids to perform was just awesome.
  • When Coach Cude broke his hand. Makes me laugh every time.
  • All my FFA trips! All the times I got to spend with my officer team and fellow members are some I’ll always cherish.
  • Spirit week!!! I LOVE spirit week and dressing up for homecoming. Twin day is always my favorite.
  • And how could I forget, breaking my leg on a field trip. Sorry to future generations who will never experience the joys of a trampoline park for a field trip. Shoutout to Mrs. Dickerson for taking care of me that day❤️

Advice I would give to students still in school- Understand that yes, you’re here to work hard and get an education… you need to know how to read by the time you graduate (lol). But more importantly, you’re here to prepare yourself for the next part of your life, while also enjoying the journey. Talk to everyone in your classes and kids you meet in the hall, they know your name already and probably have something surprising to say. Laugh with your friends and try your best to be an encouragement to those around you. A smile goes a long way.